Your Unique Companions, Drawn with Colored-Pencil Stylus, Graphite-Pencil, or Colored-Pencil. Creating a Portrait Your Friends Will Envy, and Your Family Will Treasure Forever!

Backed By a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

As three decade plus dog owners, we understand that our four-legged companions are never with us long enough. While you can only have a dog, cat, or other animal for a finite number of years, you can have their memory permanently archived in a Companion Portrait. Anyone can take photos, but when you take the time to invest in a Companion Portrait; you’re showing everyone that your companion is far more than just a “pet.” They are truly a cherished member of the family, and the love and joy you share is unconditional and irreplaceable. Drawn with love and affection, Companion Portraits capture the subject’s essence in a way that plain photography, just can’t duplicate. A Companion Portrait shows the world that your special companion holds a place in your heart, reserved just for them.

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